The Winter Commission is an annual art and music exhibition showcasing local artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers. All of the art and music shown at Winter Commission is conceived and created during Bellingham’s long, bleak winter.

This year, we’re exploring the theme of disaster across multiple mediums—from film and sound to canvas and paper. On February 25, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention (1312 Bay St. in downtown Bellingham) will host our gallery exhibition as well as live music performances, short film screenings, art installations and more.  The show will run from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.; suggested donation is $3.00.


The Winter Commission will feature more than 40 artists and crafters, including Aaron Brick, Aireekah Laudert, Amanda Bloom, Amanda Kalkwarf, Andrea Heimer, B.J. Ott, Brian Tichelaar, Brittany Beug, Cameron Jennings, Cassidy Bloom, Cheri Hepker, Chris Murphy, Corey Urlacher, Erin Clancy, Eli Loomis, Genevieve Gonska, Gillian Myers, James Mey, Jen Dranttel, Jess Flegel, Jessica Bonin, Jessyca Murphy, Jonny McIntyre, Jubal Sather, Kat Houseman, Lenae Day, Libby Chenault, Lindsay Kohles, Mackenzie Boetes, Mark Heimer, Nora Hughes, Paul Kearsley, Peter Scherrer, Scott Rickey, Sheana Sisselman, Steeb Russell, Tal Connor, Tammy Findlay, Toby Stanger and Will Canepa.

"Zemel Miglietta," by Erin Clancy

Installations will include an exhibition of paintings based on historical disasters, a Rescue Station with free hot chocolate and people dressed as St. Bernards, a kids’ Make Your Own Disaster Collage table, a fire-themed photobooth, a Make a Hank handkerchief station and a bomb shelter relaxation area.


Members of City of Lost Children
Seattle poets and authors Kate Lebo and Elissa Ball will emcee and administer emergency dance breaks.  A singer-songwriter circle including Aleah SpringSnow, Lonely Accordion, Hillary Susz, Marc Griffin and Jonny McInytre will perform songs about historical disasters.

Other music includes Tom Petty cover band the Wrecks (members of Connecticut Four, Vanna D and the Calamity and The Mechanical Dolls); Italian ’60s pop cover band Il Gatto Curiouso (members of Burn Up, PRND, I Love You Avalanche, The Shrapnelles and Lumpkins); The Great Karaoke Research Council Sing-Along, a demonstration of live karaoke computer program KRC 2.0 featuring 10-15 acoustic guitarists performing interactively with the audience; and theatrical death folk orchestrations by City of Lost Children.


Still from Le Manger des Cerveaux, by Chris Patton

The evening will also include a selection of short films curated by Trailer Wars host, filmmaker and podcaster Christopher Patton, including work by himself, Tyler Swank (Imperius Rex Productions), Bug & Stink Productions, Jessyca Murphy (Mao Mao Productions), Luke Chmura (Pink Shirt Productions) and Marie Biondolillo (YouAreWeAre Productions).


We’ll wind up with a dance party seen over by DJ Moonboot, Platonic DJ and LJBC that will include disaster themes as well as cathartic but danceable hits.

The mission of the Winter Commission is for it to devolve into a very long dance party.  We are confident that, with your assistance, we can make it happen.

see you at the show!