Aaron Brick:

Taxi Driver, by Aaron Brick

Aireekah Laudert:

Jungle Safari, by Aireekah Laudert

Amanda and Cassidy Bloom:

Amanda and Cassidy Bloom

“Cassidy’s and my collaboration combines her strengths with images, and mine with words to create art that is beautiful, humorous, disquieting, and quite often a little yucky.”

-A. Bloom

Amanda Kalkwarf:

Amanda Kalkwarf doesn't approve of you.

Andrea Heimer:

Yuppie Scum, by Andrea Heimer

B.J. Ott:

Gas-Sucked World, by B.J. Ott

Brian Tichelaar:

Inkwork by Brian Tichelaar

Brittany Beug:

Growth Hormone, Brittany Beug

Cameron Jennings:

Chris Murphy:

P-51 Mustang, by Chris Murphy

Corey Urlacher:

Erin Clancy:

Midnight 3, by Erin Clancy

Eli Loomis:

Eli Loomis studied photography (focused on large alternative process prints) at Western Washington University and creative writing at the University of Montana. Now he is moving more and more towards installations and performance.

Genevieve Gonska and Tammy Findlay:

Gillian Myers:

Art by Gillian Myers

James Mey:

Jen Dranttel:

Art by Jen Dranttel-Canepa

Jess Flegel:

Crafts by Jess Flegel

Jessica Bonin:

'It's the Water,' by Jessica Bonin

Jessyca Murphy:

Sperm Sculpture, by Jessyca Murphy

Jonny McIntyre:

Jonny McIntyre

Jubal Sather:

Jubal Sather

Kat Houseman:

Lenae Day:

Lenae Day re-stages vintage images using herself as the model – making most of the costumes and props. After becoming the character(s) in an image, she writes an accompanying autobiographical story and binds the images and stories together in a layout based on old LIFE Magazines.

Libby Chenault:

Trevor Bale and His Youngest Daughter Bonny, by Libby Chenault

Lindsay Kohles:

Art by Lindsay Kohles

Lindsay Kohles graduated from Western Washington University in 2010, receiving her BFA in printmaking with excellence and a BA in Creative Writing, minoring in Art History and Humanities. She has shown her prints and ink illustrations in group and solo shows locally, in Seattle, Bellingham, and Edison, as well as in the further locales of Philadelphia and Italy. She lives and works in Bellingham, WA.

Mackenzie Boetes:

Dialogue of Destruction, by Mackenzie Boetes

Mark Heimer:

Mark Heimer

Nora Hughes:

Nora Hughes

Paul Kearsley:

Brown Duster, by Paul Kearsley

Paul Kearsley graduated from WWU with a major in Industrial Design and a minor in Sustainable Design. Green design work has held his focus since graduation and led to a 2 year apprenticeship at a sustainable homestead on Orcas Island. Paul has worked on a number of green design projects since then, including teaching, building community gardens and designing ecovillages. All the while, he has been doing professional art and illustration, as well as gardening and biking.

Peter Scherrer:

Orange Owl, by Peter Scherrer

Scott Rickey:

Farting Potato Antlers, by Scott Rickey

Sheana Sisselman:

Art by Sheana Sisselman

Steeb Russell:

Still working towards retirement..., by Steeb Russell

Tal Connor:

Art by Tal Connor

Toby Stanger:

Art by Toby Stanger

Will Canepa:

Will Canepa


MC Kate Lebo:

Kate Lebo

Kate Lebo makes poems and pies in Seattle, where she attends the University of Washington’s MFA program and hosts Pie Stand, a semi-regular semi-secret pie social. Her poems appear in Best New Poets 2011 and Poetry Northwest, and she’s the author of a zine called A Commonplace Book of Pie.

MC Elissa Ball:

Elissa Ball

Elissa Ball is a writer and riot grrrl who resides in Seattle. She writes about arts and culture online for Flavorpill Seattle. Her first book of poetry, titled The Punks Are Writing Love Songs, is forthcoming from Blue Begonia Press.

Aleah SpringSnow:

Aleah SpringSnow
He’s the Love

Local Indie-Folk singer/songwriter Aleah SpringSnow plays ukulele and mountain dulcimer and sings heart-crafted songs that strike universal chords about love and relationships. She uses witty word play and a sweet voice to paint mental pictures of loyal manatees, evil monkeys and dreaded robot boyfriends. However, in this up and coming showcase of singer-songwriters she will step away from herself to perform songs about bigger picture issues that face humanity.
Lonely Accordion:

fantasy waltz (extended dance mix)

Lonely Accordion is homemade gypsy folk that might just rip your heart out, then sew it back together. The sweet melodies birthed from the lonesome union of Carrie and her accordion proves that being lonely isn’t always a bad thing. It all began when Carrie, in search of an accordion that was less than half her size, took her saved up dollars to a local antique store and handed them over to the owner in exchange for a little blue number, alone in the corner.

Hillary Susz:

Hillary Susz

All The Wrong Things

Hillary possesses the musical craftsmanship necessary to write and play and sing (she plays guitar and performs alone) her compelling songs as well as the naturally poetic gifts required to compose moving lyrics and the ease and sensitivity to an audience to make her performances warm and personal, all vital talents for someone aspiring to make a life in popular music. However, Hillary’s music moves beyond these facets. Her work has the luminous quality. It is filled with a layered emotional, spiritual and intellectual vibrancy that transcends the limits of songs and lyrics, as all art transcends its surroundings.

Marc Griffin:

Marc Griffin has lived in Bellingham since 2008, and been active in the Washington music scene since 2000. He writes music for the bellingham math/indie band Anyway, Soon and the folk duo Marc & Britt, and has grown a small solo career as means to promote these two groups, which will both release albums within the year.

Jonny McInytre:

Jonny McIntyre

Can I

Jonathan McIntyre is a musician who has been playing in Bellingham since 2000. He’s been active as a singer/songwriter and played in bands such as Snow Cuts Glass, Moons and Goochers, and Rooftops. He likes cheeseburgers.

The Wrecks (members of Connecticut Four, Vanna D and the Calamity and The Mechanical Dolls):

Valerie Brogden

Connecticut Four: Chutes and Ladders

With members of Connecticut Four, Vanna D and the Calamity, and The Mechanical Dolls, The Wrecks are a well seasoned Tom Petty cover band.

Il Gatto Curiouso (members of Burn Up, PRND, I Love You Avalanche, The Shrapnelles and Lumpkins):

(This movie explains what this band will be like.)

Il Gatto Curioso is a famous Italian band. Famous in the sense that they drink coffee at places. Italian in the sense that David Ney once met an Italian man at the DMV. Il Gatto Curioso features members of Leaves Sleeves, Chestnut Collection, Burn Up, PRND, I Love You Avalanche, The Shrapnelles, Lumpkins, Beach Boyz II Men and Triste Tropique. Their sound could be described as ‘famous’ and ‘Italian.’

The Great Karaoke Research Council Sing-Along:

A demonstration of version 2.0 of the KRC engine, a tool for enabling sing-alongs and live-band Karaoke performances. 10-15 acoustic guitarists will take to the stage, strumming and singing without amplification to create a unique sing-along event wherein the whole audience is invited to take part in raising their voices up in song. Includes a presentation explaining the technology.

City of Lost Children:

Interview with (and performance by) City of Lost Children at 1:01 here.

City of Lost Children is local New Age Theatrical Death Folk orchestra. Lead by 3 lovely young sisters (one is adopted), the group utilizes their skills acquired by running away and joining the circus, living in the woods, hustling suckers off Broadway, and job shadowing Cab Calloway, to charm and entertain audiences of all tax brackets.


Chris Patton (Gotzen Von $):

Tyler Swank (Imperius Rex Films):

Bug & Stink Productions:

Jessyca Murphy (Mao Mao Productions):

Luke Chmura (Pink Shirt Agency):

Marie Biondolillo (YouAreWeAre Productions):


Platonic DJ:

Born in an Orgone accumulator in Rosedale, Washington, Platonic DJ has seen the flame and ignores the shadows.

DJ Moonboot:

Being a direct descendent and disciple of Hypatia of Alexandria, DJ Moonboot understands full well that there is an ultimate reality beyond the reach of thought or language. Rather than naming herself, Moonboot received her moniker from a fellow neo-neoplatonist as an homage to the neoplatonist ideal that we do not invent anything but instead uncover tiny envelopes of reality that we get to name once in a while. Moonboot’s style reflects the ultimate conundrum of forever knocking at the door of real reality and subsequent emotional logjam, by throwing down tracks from top radio hits and the goth music genre.


Bellingham Street Jax/Fourth Base/Polyphony/Requests Rejected. Bodies can jack to modern derivatives of acid house, electro from The Hague, italo in the vein of Rago and Farina, the warmer sides of coldwave, and Teac post-disco.

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